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Value, encourage to gain confidence




- Effective teaching methods


- School or work-study training



Develop your skills



The Institution Saint-Joseph du Moncel is based on a partnership and a concrete perception of the world of work with the aim of:


Bring out the skills of each individual,
Make the student an actor in his training,
Support young people in building their future,
Promote personalized courses,
Train innovative professionals capable of adapting to the professions of tomorrow.


This implies support and active guidance as part of our training, which continues throughout their course.


Our establishment collaborates at various levels and in various realities: the more the actors work on common projects, the more these projects are likely to see the light of day and to engage in dynamics that are conducive to success for our young people.

BTS NDRC Négociation et Digitalisation de la Relation Client

BTS NDRC Négociation et Digitalisation de la Relation Client

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